John Hamburg joins Superprime

A key player in the world of contemporary comedy becomes the newest addition to our directorial roster.

We’re thrilled to announce that writer and director John Hamburg has signed to Superprime.

John co-wrote the screenplays for cult comedies Meet The Parents, Meet The Fockers, Little Fockers, Zoolander, and Zoolander 2. He wrote and directed Along Came Polly, a romantic comedy starring Ben Stiller and Jennifer Aniston, and co-wrote, produced, and directed the heartfelt and hilarious film I Love You, Man, starring Paul Rudd and Jason Segel. His impressive body of work also features TV, including New Girl and The Grinder starring Rob Lowe, and commercial work for the likes of, AT&T, and Cox.

In an interview with LA Times, producer Donald De Line described what makes his comedy work so successful. “He writes characters that are real, they have off-center, strange bits and pieces to them, as people do in real life,” he said. “John just has a great ear; he gets funny little behavioural gestures and moments that pepper the piece from beginning to end.”

Raised in New York, John is the son of New York radio talk show host Joan Hamburg. John received his undergraduate degree from Brown University. “In my sophomore year I started getting back into making movies. My senior year I took playwriting classes, and I feel like that’s where I learned to be a writer. I started to write monologues, and that was great because that got me really deeply into characters,” he told Josh Horowitz in an interview for The Mind of the Modern Moviemaker.

He then went on to graduate from the prestigious Tisch School of the Arts at New York University. While in the program, he wrote and directed the short film, Tick. It was a tightly-structured eight and a half minute comedy that gave John his first taste of critical praise and audience appeal when it premiered at Sundance Film Festival. Only two years later he returned to Sundance to debut his charming and irreverent feature Safe Men, which he wrote and directed. The film garnered attention for its off-kilter sensibilities and its enviable ensemble cast including Mark Ruffalo, Paul Giamatti, Sam Rockwell, and Steve Zahn. “I started making short films in high school and then college, but my professional career really started when Tick, the short film I made in my first year at NYU got into Sundance. I got my first agent off of that film, and met producers who would eventually help me finance my first feature, Safe Men.

Later this year John will premiere his newest comedy feature, Why Him?. The film, co-written and directed by John for 20th Century Fox, stars Bryan Cranston as an overprotective father who panics when he learns that his daughter’s socially awkward boyfriend, played by James Franco, plans to propose. Alongside Cranston and Franco, Why Him? also stars Zoey Deutch, Megan Mullally, Griffin Gluck, and Keegan-Michael Key.

John is a comedic force with a knack for depicting modern relationships in a way that is both compelling and relatable. We’re excited to collaborate with him and showcase his storytelling talents to new audiences. “I’ve enjoyed shooting commercials over the past five years. Directing is directing no matter the medium, and I love the challenges of telling stories and making people laugh in a shorter form not to mention the top-notch catering we don’t get on features. I look forward to working on unique comedy campaigns with a relatively new company run by super-experienced people.”