Martin Scorsese and Chloé Zhao Super Bowl 2024

Award winning directors Martin Scorsese and Chloé Zhao directed commercials for this year’s Super Bowl. Martin Scorsese made his Super Bowl debut with an out-of-this-world ad for Squarespace. The 30-second spot tells a story about UFOs appearing over world capitals and masses of people who are too busy scrolling on their phones to see the visitation. The visitors have to hack everyone’s devices to get their attention, after designing the homepage of a website to say, “hello down there.” It was ranked one of the top 10 Super Bowl commercials by Adweek.

Chloé’s ad for United Airlines aired regionally. The campaign was led by Kyle Chandler, who reprises his role of inspirational coach following his turn as football coach Eric Taylor in the “Friday Night Lights” TV series. The ads spotlight United’s elimination of change fees on flights, a policy that has been in place for more than three years. Read more here on Ad Age.

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