Kiku Ohe Spotlights the Spirit of Resilience for Carhartt

Kiku Ohe’s latest commercial for Carhartt, “8 Second Ride,” showcases the unparalleled grit and determination of rodeo rider Derion Chavis as he embodies the spirit of hard work and resilience synonymous with the brand. The film captures the raw intensity and exhilaration of professional rodeo. Through bold cinematography and immersive storytelling, the commercial pays homage to the timeless values of perseverance, authenticity, and hard work that define Carhartt.

“The creative vision behind this campaign was to authentically portray the inner toughness, strength, and character that embody the true spirit of Carhartt. It’s the spirit of no-nonsense, hard-working America that embraces all challenges without ever backing down, no matter how much life kicks at them.” said Kiku Ohe.

Featured in Shots, LBB, and AdForum.


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