Martin Scorsese & His Daughter Create Super Bowl Teaser for Squarespace

Martin and Francesca Scorsese bring their viral father-daughter act to the Super Bowl. In the teaser for Squarespace, Francesca teaches Marty how to build a website to inspire a short film (aka Squarespace’s Super Bowl ad) in which “the main character happens to be a website.”

To prepare for his Super Bowl directorial debut with Squarespace, Martin is exploring the mindset and motivations of his newest main character – a website. With the help of his daughter, Francesca, they hope to learn more about this character by discussing the creation of a Squarespace website, walking through the process of securing a domain, and making important design selections. Playing off their delightful (and viral) father-daughter dynamic, the film depicts how easy it is to build a beautiful and integrated online presence with Squarespace.

Stay tuned for the in-game spot, which will air during the Super Bowl on February 11, 2024.


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