Mike Bernstein’s Cheeky “Lets Have a Threeday” for HotelTonight

Mike Berstein directs HotelTonight’s new midly saucy campaign, “Lets Have a Threeday,” which features three ads that may suggest something a little more outré than a Friday to Sunday jaunt. Comedian Rachel Feinstein (Trainwreck, Crashing, Last Comic Standing) stars in the spots, planning “threeday” with her friends with strategically placed sound effects like a blender, garbage disposal, dishes breaking and gym rats grunting to give the message a double-entendre twist.

HotelTonight and Mekanism worked together on the campaign which is aimed at millennial travelers who are taking shorter, more frequent trips instead of the more traditional week-long vacations, according to the brand’s research.

Check out the Adweek’s full breakdown on the campaign here.

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