David LaChapelle makes love not walls for Diesel

The Spring Summer 2017 campaign out of Anomaly Amsterdam delivers a “rousingly memorable short film” from David LaChapelle.

A diverse and inclusive revelry characterizes a new short film from David LaChapelle for Diesel’s SS17 line.

The fashion brand positions themselves as a joyous member of the resistance in “Make Love Not Walls,” which begins with Sergei Polunin (a frequent collaborator of LaChapelle’s) dancing defiantly against a barbed wire-lined wall, quite literally smashing down barriers. Alex Vargas’ “Higher Love” resounds against vignettes of same sex couples kissing, a diverse group of Diesel-clad friends dancing, and a giant hole blown into the wall in the shape of a heart, the perfect metaphor for this raucous and colorful celebration.

AdWeek celebrated the spot, lauding the “wild ballet dancing, same-sex kissing, and an inflatable, rainbow-colored love-tank” as a “rousingly memorable short film by David LaChapelle.” Similarly, WWD cited the “timely message, comprising images and a short film by David LaChapelle that pay tribute to inclusion, love, diversity and fraternity.”

Speaking to the popular publication, LaChapelle discussed his collaboration with Diesel: “It’s very simple – it’s about love. We must love as intensely as others hate. As others give into hatred, we must commit ourselves to LOVE – we must love more than ever before.”

While the message is indeed timely, this is not the first time that LaChapelle has made waves for Diesel. Dazed Digital noted, “back in 1995, [he] lensed a campaign featuring two sailors kissing, completely disregarding the inevitable controversy in favor of committing to equal rights.”

Featured prominently in the film is a rainbow-colored inflatable tank, that as part of the campaign, will make its way around the world, in London, Milan, Shanghai, New York, Berlin, and Tokyo, spreading the “Make Love Not Walls” message to a global audience.