Three Things in LBB

Little Black Book shares details of our ongoing series Three Things. 

What three things are keeping you sane, connected, and inspired in these most unusual times? That is what Los Angeles-based production company SUPERPRIME wants its roster of directors to answer. Three Things is a new weekly newsletter and social media feature that provides teasing glimpses into their directors’ lives in quarantine around the world.

Keeping engaged and relevant with our communities in our current industry paradigm is challenging to say the least, so the creative minds at SUPERPRIME are doing their part to bring some insight and fun to your routine, and perhaps spark a new obsession now that you’re finished with all that Netflix has to offer.

Ben Quinn safe at home in Venice, CA.

The twice-weekly round-up series was kicked off in April with Million Little Pieces director Sam Taylor-Johnson; with Ben Quinn, Loren Denis, Emmett Malloy, and others following suit and sharing their favourites while staying sheltered in their respective homes around the world. Their distinctive inspirations have ranged from Kurosawa films to Peloton challenges, from NASA pollution maps to makeshift Physical Education classes for their kids, from Dutch National Ballet virtual workouts to the Pasta Grannies. Perhaps most touching among the nuggets shared are the amateur pastry chefs in Paris baking cakes for hospital workers or the Scots of Edinburgh singing the Proclaimers out their windows each night.

Gabe Turner safe at home in London.

Whatever your passion, you’ll be delighted by the roundup of everything from profound to amusing. There’s plenty of comedic relief from Hannah  and Adriana, who are attempting to cut their own hair while working remotely on Saturday Night Live’s at-home episodes; while director Mike Bernstein shares how he got hitched in a parking lot after having to cancel his planned nuptials in Ojai.

“We’re taking this opportunity, amidst the chaos and uncertainty, to remind ourselves and one another of all the inspiration that surrounds us.” says SUPERPRIME executive producer Michelle Ross.

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