Tyrone Lebon joins Superprime

We’re excited to begin the new year with an addition to the Superprime roster—talented director, Tyrone Lebon.

Lebon has worked with a variety of fashion clients, including Celine, Louis Vuitton Calvin Klein, Nike, and Supreme.

His 30-minute documentary film and book project, Reely and Truly, is a visual meditation on contemporary photographers, their lives, and practices. The film captures over 20 photographers, including Juergen Teller, Nobuyoshi Araki, Dick Jewell, Ari Marcopoulos, and his father Mark Lebon.

Lebon has also been recognized for his partnership with Frank Ocean and directing the video for Ocean’s single, “Nikes.”

The FADER described the video as “a mesmerizing collection of references, symbols, and guest appearances that follow the song’s wayward narrative. Featuring bodies drenched in glitter, holy entities, expensive cars, and Trayvon Martin tributes, “Nikes” is a gorgeous and grainy representation of the rabbit hole in Frank’s mind.”

“I interpreted the song as a stream of Frank’s consciousness – rich with snippets of stories, emotions and ideas,” Lebon told The FADER. “The visuals came immediately when I first heard the song – they all follow from the music and Frank’s lyrics.”

Lebon is also the founder and creative director of DoBeDo, a gallery and organization of photographers and filmmakers.

View his reel here.

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