Samir Mallal’s new wave virtual reality film

Bringing the power of narrative storytelling to the virtual reality platform.

Samir Mallal’s New Wave brings the power of narrative storytelling to virtual reality.

For his first foray into VR, Samir teamed up with Aron Hjtartarson from Framestore to craft an intimate and atmospheric piece that pushes the boundaries of this new medium.

In New Wave, a young couple’s perfect day at the beach goes awry when they reveal their true feelings for each other.

Taking full advantage of the experiential nature of virtual reality, New Wave is captured in spherical live action video while presenting an emotive storyline to upend all of the senses. It is the first VR film to feature dynamically changing, character specific voiceover.

The film was featured in Creative Review’s recent exploration of VR, inspiring the magazine to proclaim, “virtual reality is having its breathless moment.”

Of the new medium, Mallal states: “The idea of presence is what drew me to VR. The first question is, what makes presence and how can we use that in a story. Presence is a kind of trigger, it taps into your old brain, and makes you respond in automatic ways. It’s almost like presence stimulates our collective unconscious, in the same way that myths have throughout our history.”

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