Diesel & Alex Traverse the Globe for Spy Thriller TUMI Spot

No matter what the latitude, TUMI’s luggage can make it there. The adventurous spot out of EP+Co directed by Diesel & Alex features Alexander Skarsgård of Big Little Lies in a globetrotting mission accompanied by his TUMI Latitude case.

“For this Latitude journey, we traveled continuously around the globe on one degree of latitude to showcase one suitcase. The 21 days of continuous production moved from the US, to Hungary, to Italy, and finished in Mongolia,” says Diesel & Alex. “We were in the height of summer, yet that particular latitude had a storm system constantly on our heels. The lightning in the Gobi Desert isn’t VFX.”

“I couldn’t have dreamed of a better experience being part of the TUMI Latitude campaign,” says Alexander Skarsgård. “I got to travel around the world with a ragtag group of lovely and incredibly talented people. The product itself is quite impressive – I even tried to intentionally break the bag a couple of times, with no success of course.”

“Both TUMI and EP+Co embrace the artistry of filmmaking,” Diesel & Alex continue. “The idea of a suitcase is freedom; and we were offered the kind of creative liberty you can only dream of as a filmmaker… They lay the support to let the imagination and creative run.”

Experience the journey by watching here.

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