Superprime welcomes Matt Kamen

We’re excited to introduce writer and director Matt Kamen to the Superprime roster.

Matt has worked with clients including McDonald’s, Jetstar Airways, Airtasker, Wotif, and Taco Bell. Throughout his work, Matt is known for injecting subtle, character-based comedy with a bit of a darker edge.

“Every director likes a solid idea or concept,” Matt told us, “but I really enjoy being able to develop characters and dig into the casting and crafting of performances on screen. That’s what gets me excited and what I’m always aiming to bring to a project, with a bit of quirk.”

In recent years, Matt has worked on developing his screenwriting muscle—he completed a Graduate Certificate Course in 2011 at AFTRS and aims to bring a screenwriting sensibility to all of his commercial work.

Matt has also been recognized for writing and directing the comedy series “Corn Cobs” and award-winning viral video “Hahn – Spill Proof Beer.”

Beyond commercial work, Matt is in the early stages of developing a short format comedy series.

View his reel here.