Hamish Rothwell brings Aldi a cricket-filled Christmas

We all have our holiday traditions

We all have our set of holiday traditions. Some gather up their family for a game of touch football before Thanksgiving dinner, others tackle a list of snow-filled activities around Christmas. Aussies? They may go for a game of cricket.

Directed by Hamish Rothwell, the Christmas spot for German-based supermarket chain Aldi is a tale of a man who takes his Christmas Day tradition of playing cricket to the extreme.

For 40 years the same man, Doug, is stuck in his cricket game, unable to face a bowler who can hit the wicket and get him out. 40 long, tiresome years, Doug plays away every Christmas, unrelenting and unwilling to get out. That is, until, something convinces him otherwise: a Christmas feast suitable for Good King Wenceslas himself.

The aged batsman caves to temptation and forfeits his infamous run, stepping out of the game to enjoy the holiday bounty, bolstered by the adulation of his countless fans.

Doug is out!

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