Kiku Ohe joins Superprime

A spirited Japanese-Australian director, always accomplishing the unexpected.

We’re thrilled to usher in the new year with the announcement that we have signed Kiku Ohe to our director roster. Ohe is a talented filmmaker and a versatile storyteller whose work stretches across music videos, branded content, and most recently, narrative feature film.

Having grown up between Sydney, Australia and Tokyo, Japan, he brings a unique directorial perspective to the US market. “I’m very inspired by the American landscape–it’s like no other. There’s an energy here that I really respond to, that speaks to me. There’s a real power and severity to America. Through a lens of being Japanese and Australian, I feel as though I can look at it objectively and celebrate it.”

For commercial work, he has been recognized by a variety of international commercial awards, including the Cannes Young Director Award. His client list features House of Travel, Anchor and Woolworths, and he has also collaborated on art-based projects with Australian fashion label Ksubi, Kirin Beer, and musical groups Daft Punk and Tame Impala. “Rhythm is important to me,” Ohe adds. “We talk about story and performance and putting characters in a visual world, but just as importantly your story and your characters take place in a sonic world.”

Kiku Ohe for House of Travel

Ohe enjoys challenging himself as a filmmaker by taking on unexpected projects, “Doing something different is key to pushing things forward. I think the only way you truly evolve as a filmmaker and artist is if you’re constantly pushing yourself,” he says.”The essence of who I am is constantly refining. As I continue to add more tools to the palate my storytelling becomes more concise, more efficient and more powerful.”

Later this year, Ohe’s debut feature film will premiere. Shot on 16mm in California, The Lines is about two actors who escape LA for the desert.

Ohe is a talented auteur whose striking and bold images reflect epic experiences on screen. “I’m thrilled to join the diverse and inspiring family at Superprime,” he says. “I’m also excited to collaborate with forward-thinking brands who want to push new ground and create fresh work in the US.”