The Fines give us ‘We Are Smithsonian’

The filmmaking duo had the honor of creating the first-ever commercial for the Institution, which was founded back in 1846.

The Fines have created the first commercial for the Smithsonian Institution. Motivated by Ralph Waldo Emerson’s call to “be an opener of doors,” the Oscar, Emmy and Peabody award-winning filmmakers sought to showcase the ways in which the Smithsonian’s scientists, artists and next generation explorers define our world and what it means to be human. “The piece is driven by the concept of new doors opening up to reveal new worlds and insights,” wrote the editors of SHOOT.

“We are inspired by humanity and storytelling, especially when it comes to the human spirit,” Sean Fine said. “I think we are also inspired by emotion, whether it be resilience, pain, joy, laughter–we find capturing these emotions or recreating them in storytelling very fulfilling. Other things that inspire us are the details and eccentricities of the natural world around us–the way things work, the natural process.”

The Smithsonian, which was founded in 1846, is the world’s largest museum, education, and research complex and The Fines’ film celebrates the fantastic opportunities it has to offer. “We are an active institution that opens new doors, analyzes big questions and searches to understand our place in the universe,” the Smithsonian announced.

The Fines documentary, feature film and commercial work is marked by authenticity, and we’re thrilled to have the talented storytelling duo on our directorial roster. “We feel that [with Superprime], that we can be pushed into other venues of storytelling and truly find our voice in the commercial world. We have been able to do this with documentaries on our own, but feel like the commercial world is still figuring us out, as we are it,” they said of the creative collaboration. “Ultimately we want to grow and evolve our commercial style and creativity with Superprime.”