Jeppe Rønde and Momondo uncover startling truths in ‘The DNA Journey’

How much do you really know about who you are and where you come from?

Director Jeppe Rønde has once again teamed up with travel site Momondo, this time for their latest campaign, The DNA Journey, which encourages people to unearth their ancestry.

By revealing the results of a DNA experiment on 67 people from all over the world, the emotional documentary short seeks to demonstrate how opinions on race and nationality could be very different if we only knew more about our own genetic origins.

In the moving video, participants are first asked where they believe their ancestry lies, and encouraged to share personal experiences and prejudices around people from other parts of the world. They are then invited back to receive their DNA results, allowing Jeppe to capture moments of shock, joy, and surprise, as well as one very big reveal between two seemingly disparate members of the group. “This test should be compulsory,” a French participant declares after reading her results.

The powerful spot, which received Creativity’s coveted Editor’s Pick, is part of a wider campaign by the travel brand that includes a global survey of 7,200 people on the subject of the diversity of their origins and a competition in which the winner will get the opportunity to take a “DNA journey” to visit the regions from which they originate.

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