Augustus Punch joins Superprime

The ambitious duo bring stories to life with romantic modernism and a creative mindset.

We are very pleased to announce that Augustus Punch, the innovative directing duo of Alexandra Bolton and Diesel Schwarze, have joined Superprime.

Inspired by good design and driven by “the illusive dream of creating beauty everywhere and reinventing ugly ducklings,” Alexandra and Diesel began their careers in feature film and now project their whimsical view of the world through the language of advertising. “We love the pace and immediacy of the execution and collaborating with agencies and brands on how to visually capture who they are in short format. It’s pulling back all the fluff and getting to the point, then making that point as engaging and as inspiring as possible,” the talented collective told us.

The two kicked off their careers, fresh out of high school, at Baz Luhrmann’s production company, “which of course was an amazing training ground.” Alexandra designed alongside four-time Academy Award-winner Catherine Martin, while Diesel worked closely with Baz, directing and editing within the Bazmark Inq inner circle on projects like Moulin Rouge, the Broadway production of La Boheme, and Chanel No. 5 with Nicole Kidman.

With an immense collaboration on projects together, it wasn’t long before the two sought to establish themselves as their own entity. And so, in 2010, Augustus Punch was born, chasing “the instant escapism and intense emotion that image and sound can together conjure.”

Macy’s ‘Backstage’ was their first brand debut, a huge spectacle that featured US personalities inside a giant set built in the Bronx, New York, and launched them into the commercial world. The Augustus Punch trademark for creating visual identities was then solidified with a campaign for Toyota’s Prius, and since then with brands like Target, Microsoft, Dreyer’s, Sony, and McDonald’s, amongst others.

Their Sony Xperia Tablet commercial was shortlisted for a Clio 2013 in Directing and won the AICP 2013 for Production Design. The single-take spot keenly embodied Xperia’s “a place for your imagination to play” tagline, with AdWeek awarding it their Ad of the Day. “[It] doesn’t just relate but embodies the notion of technology meeting imagination,” they bestowed. Recently, ‘Surface’ a mind-bending spot for Microsoft was heavily screened during the 2014 World Cup.

Defining romantic modernism in their aesthetic, Augustus Punch look forward to continuing to expand their love for creating beautiful worlds that visually define brands, with us at Superprime. “We have been very particular about curating a vision for Augustus Punch; and it is still only in its infancy, so we’re excited for the twists and turns to come and challenging our creative mindsets on broader visions,” they declared.

Their background in film lends itself to creatively bringing any story to life visually. We are thrilled to be adding the talented duo to our roster, and look forward to showing off more innovative work from Augustus Punch very soon.